Here I Go!

I’m heading off to Cambodia for two years and I can’t wait! I’m reporting Dec 7th 2011 and I’ll be serving for 24 months. I hope all of you who are interested can read and see all the pictures and adventures I’ll get to experience and share many stories with all of you! Best wishes to all and God bless!

Elder Decker

Sunday, February 24, 2013

This is what you do when you're in the future

This isTHis 
FHE always has powder on the face!

Ming srey!

Powder on the it!

Srey puov and srey nuot


FHE at swensens on the big white guy!

THe house crew on bro night!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Making jokes in khmer...pretty much a normal day.

what you don't know is...i'm actually teaching!

Srey Nik

Hanging out FHE it up!

Yeah i don't know...khmer don't get to have big white to hang out with a lot

Me and elder lyman

Yeah a cockrotch in the ice at the walmart of cambodia.

Valentines day!!

Coke on valentines


I got that hat from sister roth!!! its awesome!

Cake and elder lyman

Lookpu broh! he's the guard at the church

Sovath baptism!

Sovaths baptism!